Please ensure you have read these rules in full and are prepared to abide by them before making an application.

General Rules

We would like to think we have built a good reputation on the server for being a fun and friendly, yet successful and mature raiding guild. We would like to maintain and build on this reputation, and as such expect all our members to be polite and respectful of all players, in or out of the guild.

All members are asked to remember that they carry the guild's name and any poor behaviour they display often reflects badly on the guild as a whole. Consistently poor behaviour will result in warnings, or potentially being asked to leave the guild.

Raid Rules

Raids will start at 20:15, first pull being at 20:30 LATEST and will end at 23:00 on clearing nights.

You should sign for ALL raids using the ingame raid planner.

Raid invites will commence at 20:15 You must be online at this time and ready to accept an invite. If the raid is over subscribed, the raidleader / officers will decide on standbys, priority given to people who attend raids. There may be particular boss fights where a specific class is required. In these cases, people of that class may be immune from going on standby for that fight. Also, if put on Standby raiders are asked to be online, in the case of having to replace other persons from the raid, due to a series of reasons, some of which can be: Improper behavior, lack of performance and others.

All members should not attend PuGs of raids that we are currently progressing through as a guild. These currently are

  • Mogu'shan Vaults
  • Heart of Fear
  • Terrace of Endless Spring

This is to ensure that we can go ahead with our raids wihout people being previously 'saved' to an instance. If, at any point, we decide to make any of these instances 'free-for-all', these rules will be updated and members will be informed.

We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate during raids. All raid attendees will be required to be logged into TS during raids. You don't have to speak, you do have to listen! TS can be downloaded from

All raiding members are required to download and install the following addons, all of which can be found at

We have the following expectations of our members regarding raids:

  • You will sign up to every raid scheduled on the calendar (either as accepted or declined)
  • Tentative will only be accepted if you also send an ingame mail to the raid leader / forum post about it
  • You will sign up as available for and attend at least 75% of scheduled raids
  • You will be outside the raid instance on time
  • You will have an appropriate (PvE) talent spec and gear to appropriately fulfill your raid role, fully and appropriately enchanted / gemmed and fully repaired
  • You will have brought all the necessary raid consumables to last the entire raid (be prepared to wipe!), including: elixirs, reagents, potions
  • We expect DPS to double pot on boss fights
  • You will have brought any necessary 'extra' gear or items that may be required. For example: off-spec gear
  • If you need to leave a raid unexpectedly after it has begun, you will inform the raid leader
  • You will pay full attention to the raid leader during explanations of boss tactics and if you have anything you would like to add, whisper the raidleader in order to avoid confusions.
  • Teamspeak and raid chat will be kept clear during boss fights and loot distribution except for necessary communication / warnings etc
  • You will be respectfull of ALL raid members at ALL times. If you have a problem with a raid member, inform an officer but not during an encounter
  • You can understand spoken and written english
  • During raids, please don't ask questions about issues or other items that distract from the raid. Either contact an officer/GM before or after the raid via ingame mail / email / in person or make a post on the relevant section of the forum


To ensure that loot distribution is fair. In raids we use a EPGK system. we required every raider to download the following addons :

Items values :

  • 400: Neck, Ring, Back
  • 500: Chest, Head, Legs, Gloves, Shoulder
  • 600: Wrist, Feet, Waist
  • 800: 1-h Weapon, Shield, Off-Hand
  • 1000: Tier-Head, Tier-Chest, Tier-Legs, Tier-Shoulder, Tier-Gloves
  • 1200: Trinket
  • 1600: 2-handed, Bow (hunter)

Heroic items are double the above values